UKFA – Stopping Mandated Vaccines


Coerced vaccination, no jab – no pay – no job, is not a thing of the future. The ‘vaccine hesitant’ are being sacked and it is happening now.

We have noticed that the first industry insistent on this policy is the Care Home industry. We are currently hearing from lots of people in the Care Home Industry who are being coerced into testing and vaccines that are experimental and NOT approved!

Barchester Healthcare Ltd employ a staff of approximately 17,000. Over several months they have conducted a campaign successfully to ‘persuade’ all their workforce to have a Covid-19 vaccine. They say about 90% have been vaccinated. They have written to the rest to say that, unless they can provide evidence of medical exemption, then their employment will be terminated.

Their campaign of persuasion has been nothing less than coercion. Barchester have offered a vaccine bonus for the vaccinated but for employees who do not agree to be vaccinated, they have repeatedly and expressly threatened

  • Withholding pay increases
  • Withholding bonus payments
  • Not being given work hours on the work rota or being refused Overtime
  • Dismissed

These threats are being put into practice and Barchester is commencing the dismissal process across its workforce from 23 April.

In response to a concern raised about contraindications as the vaccine hasn’t been tested with all other medication, the CEO of Barchester, Mr Peter Calverley, expressed his opinion that such was “utter bollocks”. He has also expressed his opinion of staff who will not be vaccinated as being “not in the right profession“ or “not clever, bright or professional enough” to interpret results of trial studies that say the vaccines are effective and safe.

The employees need our support in this case to express theirs and your opinion.

Barchester Healthcare Ltd are not the only offenders by a long chalk. Sunrise Senior Living UK owner of Gracewell Healthcare Ltd operate between them over 45 care homes in the UK. They are waiting to be given the go ahead by the government to introduce a no jab, no job policy in there Care Homes. Sunrise senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare Ltd employ less staff than Barchester. Like Barchester, for several months they have conducted a campaign successfully to ‘persuade’ all their workforce to have a Covid-19 vaccine. They say about 80% of staff have been vaccinated so far. As with Barchester they are using the same bully boy tactics to force staff into having a vaccine. We have evidence of the lies and coercion that they have forced on their employees in order to force them into having an experimental gene therapy. Including, Sunrise Senior Living’s Covid 19 vaccination policy and their briefing notes as to why they are recommending vaccination. In the vaccination policy they have written to staff to say that, unless they can provide evidence of medical exemption, then their employment will be terminated. Coercing an employee into taking an experimental medicine is against the Nuremberg Code. Some of the ways that Sunrise Senior Living and Gracewell Healthcare have tried to force their staff in to having the vaccine.

  • Withholding pay increases
  • Withholding bonus payments
  • Not being given work hours on the work rota or being refused Overtime
  • Dismissal

What does the Law say about Mandatory Vaccination?

English Law

It is an established principle in English Law that an individual with the capacity to consent cannot and should not be compelled to have any medical treatment against their wishes.

The Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 (section 45E) provides that Regulations made under certain sections of that Act “may NOT include provision requiring a person to undergo medical treatment… ‘Medical treatment’ includes vaccinations and other prophylactic treatment”.

We would argue that this principle, enshrined in our domestic law, would make it inequitable and potentially unlawful for anyone – employer, service provider or other organisation – to seek to mandate the vaccine.

The Council of Europe

Furthermore, on 27 January 2021 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe passed Resolution 2361 (2021) in which it stated that governments should:

  • Ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated if they do not wish to do so. (Paragraph 7.3.1)
  • Ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated (Paragraph 7.3.2)

The UK is one of 47 member states of the Council of Europe, whose focus is the promotion of respect for human rights under the European Convention on Human Rights.

The United Nations

The requirements set out by the United Nations Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights further enshrine the right to informed consent. This states that “any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information.”

Furthermore, the United Nations further states in relation to experimental treatment that “Scientific research should only be carried out with the prior, free, express and informed consent of the person concerned”

The legal case

The law has not changed. The Human Rights Act is still in place, as is the legal requirement for informed consent.

Coerced injection of any substance is an interference with fundamental human rights that must be justified as necessary and proportionate. In circumstances where the government keeps repeating that the vaccines do not stop transmission and that the vulnerable have been vaccinated already, it is difficult to see any justification whatsoever.

Irrespective of your thoughts about these treatments – who may or may not benefit from any Covid vaccine, their efficacy, the adverse events, their experimental nature, unknown medium or long term harms or whether they should be regarded as unlawful because there is no longer an emergency – everyone still has the right to their personal and bodily autonomy.

The employees complain that the coercion to be vaccinated is a breach of the contract of employment, that the process involves significant invasion of their rights to privacy and, for many, it also amounts to unlawful discrimination.

What we are asking for

This case is being fought by Laworfiction (Barchester), Lawyers for Liberty (Sunrise SL & Gracewell Healthcare) with specialist leading barristers.

We are asking nothing less than for the Court to issue an injunction to end the company’s practice and threats of using vaccination status as reason to refuse offering employment.

Implications for you and other workers

Although brought against a private sector employer, if we are successful this case has immediate implications for NHS workers who will be able to rely on the legal principles re-established.

These principles go well beyond the health sector. The principles have never changed but have only been forgotten in the hysteria of fear and relentless promotion of vaccines as a ‘way out’ of the nightmare which the government and SAGE has wrought upon us. They apply to every business and employer throughout the country.

This goes beyond the workplace. If we can stop coerced vaccination by employers, the numbers of people who say no will render vaccine and health passports even more pointless as a health measure than they are already. The refusal of services to customers will almost certainly become impractical if not also declared unlawful without need to consider discrimination issues.

Here is a template letter that should be the initial action of any employee who’s company indicates it is going to introduce a mandated vaccine policy. You can download a letter like this for free on many sites but the £1.00 donation we ask to download this letter from the UKFA Shop goes to fund legal action to protect employees and initiate legal action when they have had their human and civil rights infringed upon. Help us to help you – Thank you.

We must stand up for our rights to free and informed choice whether to accept an injection or any other treatment. It is time for the Courts to uphold our freedoms. 

Time is critical

It is no coincidence that on the same day the first letter before action was sent to Barchester by LaworFiction, Matt Hancock announces he wants Parliament to make vaccination mandatory for all care workers. The parliamentary process will take time but will also be far more difficult if the Courts confirm what we say this is  – a breach of human rights!!!