The UK Freedom Alliance TV Channel

The REAL Question Time

On the UK Freedom Alliance TV station we will be holding a weekly live stream-programme, The REAL Question Time, featuring members of the UK Freedom Alliance along with featured Guests.
This panel of experts will be here to talk about the hot topics of the day and  how they effect you now or in the future. The main part of the programme will be to get our experts to answer any question  that you might want to ask concerning Medical, Financial, Economic, Education and Political  issues that surround the current state of this country and the wider world. 

Every episode will feature our chairperson and ringmaster Justin Smith who will direct the discussion between our expert panel members and guests. He will also be delivering your questions directly to the panel. Ask us your question using the contact page.

Video Gallery
Short Films/Interviews

Professor Dolores Cahill - Interview Part 1

Professor Dolores Cahill - Interview Part 2

Professor Dolores Cahill - Interview Part 3
A Grandmothers Plea
A mother's Story - I Fear for my Children
Mick Stott - We are no longer a Democracy

Spacebusters - Covid 19 Virology/Immunity explained in 19 minutes