This letter contains irrefutable evidence not only that we have a treasonous, illegal sitting government, but also of the current psychological and biological war being waged against the people by them.


It proves beyond a reasonable doubt that our Government has usurped the Queen and declared themselves sovereign, and they have handed our British military over to a foreign power. They have also manifested the current pandemic as Psychological Warfare to coerce us into accepting an unnecessary and toxic jab, and vaccine passports, to usher in a One World Government / New World Order under Agenda 2030.Since Parliament have declared themselves sovereign, the oath of allegiance sworn by our military (and police force) stands ONLY to uphold the Queens Coronation Oath, which is to uphold the law of the land, and protect the people’s constitutional rights.

*We urge you to please forward this to every serving military personnel and veteran that you know or have contact with, and urge them to do the same amongst their serving colleagues.*So many of our military, our loved ones, have bled and died to preserve our freedoms and constitutional rights. It is our responsibility and DUTY to fight to preserve these freedoms, in tact, for every future generation.

We are the people. This is our world. Let’s reach out to the military and ask them to stand with us whilst we take it back. REMEMBER, if the police and the military join us it is over within one day!!!