Criminal Complaint Initiative – What Has Happened?

Good afternoon folks, We put a number of posts up nearly three weeks ago but the Facebook authorities removed these by taking out the account of the Admin and so they have disappeared off of this site and all others every place that we put them. So to bring everyone up to speed we will publish how the Criminal complaint is coming along and how we need more people to join the over 30,000 people that have already put in a Criminal Complaint.

Here is the way that the police tried to fob off the complaint in a short email. The Email response was one we expected. I will show the evidence of why we expected this response from the police and our actual response that went back the next day later in this piece.

The Police email

From: <>Date: Monday, 29 March 2021 at 11:33

To: <mick@Subject: Metropolitan Police Service Ref CWRT01035030

Good Morning Mr Stott In reference to our recent encounter at Charing Cross Enquiry Office. I have consulted with my supervisors of the details you have provided to me and I cannot move forward with an investigation into the claims you have made. The concerns you have raised need to be directed to your local MP who would be your on-going point of contact. I’m happy to return your folders to you and respectfully ask that you advise your followers to not send me anymore mail at the station.

Kind Regards

PC MANDER 3475 AW | Metropolitan Police Service Emergency Response Team – AE-Mail: P243085@met.pnn.police.ukAddress: Charing Cross Police Station, Agar Street, Westminster, WC2N 4J

This was something that we had expected in response to our Criminal Complaint as we had surreptitiously contacted them beforehand to ask them the best way to do this. They virtually had told us how they were going to respond so that we could then get ourselves two or three steps along the way and always remain in front.

Here is the a series of Emails we sent to Jon Simpson who is Commissioner Cressida Dick’s right hand man to pave the way for the Criminal Complaint that we knew would be ready shortly after the new year.

E Mail 1

From: David Allsop
Sent: 18 December 2020 17:59
To: Simpson Jon P – HQ Commissioners Private Office <>
Subject: Mass reporting of crime.

Dear Superintendent Simpson, 

I seek advice from the office of the Commissioner to the Metropolitan Police of London. 

There are multiple victims of crime likely to be in the thousands, potentially hundreds of thousands, with all victims affected by the same offender/s. 

The victims are based in many different cities across the U.K and the offender/s who are known are solely based in London. 

From recent enquiries with GMP, Humberside and Suffolk police, it would appear under The Home office crime recording guidelines The Metropolitan Police would be the investigating force and responsible for the issuing of Crime and Log numbers accordingly. The aforementioned have made it clear this is the correct way to report the crimes. 

What would be the preferred means of reporting said crimes to The Metropolitan Police? 

1, each individual victim to attend any police station within the Met Pol area and report their crime also providing the significant evidence package, as and when?

Albeit this will cause significant mass duplication of the same evidence. 

2, each victim to go to only one designated station within the Met Pol area and report their crime submitting their evidence package?

3, one large evidence package submitted to one designated police station within the Met Pol area and each respective victim makes contact and adds their details and how they have been affected by said crime? 

4, one large evidence package submitted to one designated police station within the Met Pol area, with an individual sheet added by the thousands of victims, containing their respective details and an account of the effects caused by the crime? 

The potential for a massive number of victims gathering at one time in their thousands in London will obviously cause major disruption. 

It is accepted that the logistics surrounding this for the Police will be immense and almost impossible to manage should thousands of people descend on London police stations.  

Each victim will need to be issued with a separate crime number but if reported as one they can use the same Log number. 

A number of victims may not want to submit their complaints by email or phone for a number of reasons. 

Advice is therefore being sought as to how The Metropolitan Police would prefer the mass reporting of these criminal complaints be made? 

Yours sincerely 

D Allsop

E mail 2

this is the first reply that we received back from Superintendent Simpson.

On Wednesday, 23 December 2020, 11:52:54 GMT, <> wrote:

Mr. Allsop,

Many thanks for your email. Please can you elaborate on the types of crimes and where these took place as well as how you are in contact with hundreds of thousands of victims? This will then dictate the advice that we issues. There are means to report matters online which would negate the need for people to attend police stations, especially whilst London is a Tier 4 area.

Many thanks,

Jon Simpson


Staff Officer to Commissioner Cressida Dick

At this point he had refused to be tempted into any definitive answer but you can see he was horrified bat the prospect of hundreds of thousands of victims being galvanised into coming to London. So the next email was designed to elicit a bigger response and for the police to show there hand.

E mail 3

From: David Allsop
Sent: 23 December 2020 14:28
To: Simpson Jon P – HQ Commissioners Private Office <>
Subject: Re: Mass reporting of crime.

Dear Mr Simpson, 

Unfortunately the police service are ignoring the reporting of crimes especially by email. 

You may or may not be aware of the resignation of the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police due to the appalling fiasco surrounding the crime recording or lack thereof. 

A whistleblower has also come forward and advised that West Midlands police are doing the same and they too are about to be placed into special measures. 

How many more forces are doing the same Superintendent?

Confidence in the police is very low and it’s decreasing by the day. Your officers take a knee for BLM and are seen running away but attack and arrest lawful protesters including elderly men and women. Explain that one to me!!!

It’s heartbreaking to see the divide and the evidence of a “them (police) and us.” It shouldn’t be that way, why are the police allowing the government to destroy our people and our economy? All in the name of public health and protecting us from harm….by causing more harm than the virus itself, I mean seriously is that even logical, proportionate or legal? 

The oath of a sworn officer doesn’t mention obeying a corrupted and compromised government on the contrary, policing is impartial and independent of politics….but not anymore. 

You’ve become glorified bailiffs issuing and collecting fines. 

Facebook, Twitter, what’s app, Tik Tok and protests are awash with victims of crime all desperate to put an end to this tyranny as a result of the disgusting behaviour by 650 politicians, supported by local authorities and the police. 

The locations of these crimes are in every village, town, city and country in the U.K. 

The loss of livelihoods, increased debt, property repossessions, bankruptcy, job losses, increased suicides, mental health epidemic, despair, depression, cancelling operations, routine medical procedures, the harm to our children’s education, the fiasco surrounding university fees and lockdowns. The abhorrent and evil treatment of the elderly is in itself the greatest and most disgusting act of evil ever carried out by the government of the United Kingdom. 

We are not being protected from harm we are being caused harm on such an unimaginable scale, it’s hard to comprehend how the police are allowing this, in fact how and why you are supporting this? 

The vaccine roll out is a nefarious lie, the figures surrounding Covid are universally agreed, a 99.96% recovery rate…so why the need to vaccinate the whole world? 

This isn’t about a virus, this is about the implementation of a one world order and the great reset, something all world leaders including our own and Prince Charles are openly verbalising as often as they can. 

When do you the police, the very people we entrust to uphold the laws of the land, without fear or favour and with impartiality say enough is enough? 

How much more death, destruction and poverty do you want to see before you do the right thing and remove these psychopaths from office? 

There is so much evidence available including judicial evidence to show the PCR tests are a waste of time, mask wearing is causing more harm than good, lockdowns do not work, social distancing is a gimmick, the death count is manipulated and the government are causing harm, injury and loss as an act that is deliberate to usher in this evil vaccine on the advice of a computer entrepreneur…wow…!!!

How do we stop this Superintendent? 

Do you want to stop this?

There are hundreds of thousands of victims of crime if not millions who seek justice, how shall we the people approach you the police in order to report our harm, injury and loss? 

There are some very intelligent and learned experts from all over the world shouting this from the roof tops, doctors, nurses, virologists, epidemiologists, scientists, data analysis experts and professors. 

Do you want to listen to them?

Do you want to see and hear the evidence?

Or do you already know but you will support the continued destruction of society at the hands of the government? 

Tier 4, vaccines, borders closed, business destroyed and people desperate and fearful all for a virus with a 99.96% recovery rate….

It’s time for the police forces of the U.K. to listen, see the evidence, hear the other professionals and experts ad then do the right thing as a collective and free us from this dystopian nightmare. 

It this isn’t stopped very soon, it will be too late and we will enter into a very dark and destructive period in our history. 

There are already over 3000 mutations of this virus, but lets create more fear by talking about one particular strain that’s 70% more contagious. It’s nothing but a game Superintendent and we don’t want to take part anymore. 

Ignore me or engage and the evidence will be provided, either way there are millions of victims who wish to report crimes against the government. 

Just to finish off, the average age of life expectancy in the U.K. is 81 years old, the average age of death attributed to Covid is 82.4. 

The flu has all but disappeared from the records this year. 

So the deadliest virus known to man that is closing down the world and causing mass devastation allows you to live longer and it’s eradicated the flu.

If that doesn’t ring alarm bells then there really is no hope for any of us. 

I appreciate this is not the usual type of email or communication you receive Superintendent Simpson, but I can assure you it’s all true, evidenced and fully supported by hundreds of thousands of medical and scientific experts from all over the world. 

Many of whom will be more than willing to sit down and show you that the coronavirus epidemic is a hoax on the grandest of scales. 

I can make that happen and I can provide the vast amount of evidence also. Either way crimes are being committed and you have a duty to protect the public from harm. How that is facilitated is down to the police forces of England and Wales but moreover The Metropolitan police because this is where the people responsible are based. 



This email was designed to let the police know we were serious and we knew about the law surrounding the issues we were going to bring up and we also had the expertise on hand to be able to prove it. Again the Superintendent has refused to even interpret the crimes as as crimes refusing it was in the jurisdiction of the police, completely unwilling to do his duty, sticking to the police line that this was a political problem and not theirs.

E mail 4

On Thursday, 24 December 2020, 11:13:59 GMT, <> wrote:

Mr. Allsop,

The issues you raise below appear to be about the government’s response to and handling of the current pandemic and the impact on peoples’ lives as a result. These are not matters for police and more suited to your local MP to respond to.

Thank you for writing in to this office.

Kind regards,

Jon Simpson


Staff Officer to Commissioner Cressida Dick

This was now revealing their hand so we decided to accuse them of going outside their remit as custodians of the law, deciding who or who not they apply the law too. The police are supposed to impartially apply the law. So in our next email the language become stronger and more direct letting them know that if they tried to fob us off we would be ready.

E mail 5

From: David Allsop
Sent: 24 December 2020 13:24
To: Simpson Jon P – HQ Commissioners Private Office <>
Subject: Re: Mass reporting of crime.

Mr Simpson

I’m dismayed at your response, are you aware of how many people are emailing, writing to and verbally making contact with MP’s? Thousands and thousands and thousands all Ignored or dismissed. 

Have you seen the protests? 

Are you aware of the dissatisfaction of the people towards government?

They are fighting for their lives, literally. 

Don’t you think the politicians already know? 

Crimes are being committed on the grandest of scales by the government of the United Kingdom against its people. 

The police choose to remain inactive and therefore complicit. 

You have not provided an answer to the original email asking how the crimes are to be reported? If hundreds of thousands of victims of crime overwhelm the Metropolitan police don’t be surprised by the back lash from your staff. 

Consideration to the logistics of such an undertaking was taken into account out of courtesy and from a moralistic and ethical public duty. 

Your response or lack thereof may form part of the mitigation going forward. People are desperate and they’ve had enough, they are searching for answers and looking for ways to stop this. Look around you and tell me this is acceptable, proportionate and fair. 

The tier system is irrelevant when people are being caused harm, injury and loss and they have a legitimate, legal reason and excuse to attend a police station or report a crime in order to protect themselves and stop the harm. That Superintendent is written in British law and also forms a major part of the police’s teachings and education.

The police have a sworn duty to protect from said harm, evidence is there in abundance to show the harm being caused and therefore the role of the police is to investigate and not wilfully ignore it. 

At what point are the police going to stop this? 

Because the government are not going to. 

How much destruction of life, liberty and freedom are the police going to allow before it’s accepted this is tyranny and not to protect us from harm. 

The time will come where the police are going to have to choose what side of the fence they are on.

That day is approaching Superintendent and I hope and pray for common sense to prevail, there’s been enough destruction, loss and harm to last ten lifetimes and I don’t want to see or experience anymore. We need peace, calm and open transparent dialogue that’s the only way forward. 

Forcing ahead this wicked nefarious agenda is barbaric and the army of support against it is growing by the day, my fear is the tipping point is near and the public’s trust and patience will break causing a massive uprising. 

Stop it please before it happens. 

Open your heart and protect the people from this evil agenda while you can. 

This isn’t a political argument, this is a fight for life and death, for freedom not tyranny, for calm not violence, for democracy not autocracy, for stability not chaos, for our children and grandchildren’s future. 

I’ve talked three people out of committing suicide in the last two weeks, they cannot see any future, they’ve lost everything. 

I had to have a friend stay with me for three days because they too couldn’t see a way out. Had they not stayed they would have been hanging from a rope in a field. 

38 people committed suicide in London since Tier 4 was announced. 

A close friend has lost his business and is now £100’000 in debt, losing his house and sold his car just to put food on the table. He is one of three million that haven’t had any financial support from the furlough scheme or government. 

That’s just people I know, imagine how bad it really is out there Superintendent? It’s dystopia in waiting.  

Writing writers and sending emails is futile, it needs urgent police intervention to maintain law and order and to bring the known criminals to justice. 

Following orders is never an acceptable reason or excuse, that much we do know from our history. 

D Allsop. 

As you can see we have pulled no punches with this email as we are telling the right hand man to the top policeperson in the country what his responsibilities are and who he actually serves and end this email with a direct reference to the Nuremberg code that even he could not overlook. His response was just to keep on the same line.

E Mail 6

On Thursday, 24 December 2020, 13:26:39 GMT, <> wrote:

Mr. Allsop,

I am sorry that you are dismayed by my response but as none of the below are police matters and are instead matters for government, your concerns need to be raised with your local MP. I’m sorry we’ve been unable to help on this occasion.

Kind regards,

Jon Simpson


Staff Officer to Commissioner Cressida Dick

Very sad response but we got from this exactly what they were going to do and what there response was going to be. Here we have the Metropolitan Police Commissioners right hand man saying that handling a member of the publics Criminal Complaint is not a matter for the police and this was another example of this attitude that is now causing them great problems. We left them with this parting shot to which we never got a reply.

E Mail 7

From: David Allsop

To: “” <>

Sent: Tuesday, 29 December 2020, 12:04:20 GMT

Subject: Re: Mass reporting of crime.
Mr Simpson, Your officers have had enough. Even they are saying it’s unlawful. If they are saying it’s unlawful then we absolutely need to worry. This link details his concerns as a serving officer of 20 plus years. The MP’s won’t stop this, it needs you the police to take action against the criminals destroying our citizens and our democracy.

D Allsop

Our Response to the Police

So now you have seen the response that we received from the Mass Criminal Complaint and we have shown this to be what they intended to do all along we will now detail the email response that we sent back to them. As we had known all along how they were going to deal with this, we were well prepared, as you can see from the date and time of the emails, our response was prepared and delivered back within hours. To remind you here is the Email we were sent by PC Mander.

The Police email

From: <>Date: Monday, 29 March 2021 at 11:33

To: <mick@Subject: Metropolitan Police Service Ref CWRT01035030

Good Morning Mr Stott In reference to our recent encounter at Charing Cross Enquiry Office. I have consulted with my supervisors of the details you have provided to me and I cannot move forward with an investigation into the claims you have made. The concerns you have raised need to be directed to your local MP who would be your on-going point of contact. I’m happy to return your folders to you and respectfully ask that you advise your followers to not send me anymore mail at the station.

Kind Regards

PC MANDER 3475 AW | Metropolitan Police Service Emergency Response Team – AE-Mail: P243085@met.pnn.police.ukAddress: Charing Cross Police Station, Agar Street, Westminster, WC2N 4J

We will now detail the email response that we sent back to them. We had known all along how they were going to deal with this, we were well prepared, as you can see from the date and time of the emails, our response was prepared and delivered back within hours.

From: Mick Stott
Date: Monday, 29 March 2021 at 20:24
To: “” <>
Subject: FW: Metropolitan Police Service Ref CWRT01035030

Dear PC Mander, 

In response to your email to me dated 29th of March 2021 I made mention legal advice will be sought. 

As a result of said advice I am instructed to ask the following and seek clarification to each point as detailed below:

1, the phrase “encounter” suggests a brief chat or conversation in passing. I was actually attending Charing Cross police station on the 20th of March 2021 submitting a criminal complaint as a victim of crime. I produced over 800 pages of evidence detailing heinous and deeply concerning crimes being committed against me. I have no doubt this evidence is also relevant to many millions of people throughout the United kingdom. 

Misfeasance and Misconduct in public office are the most serious of indictable offences and carry a life sentence on conviction, the people responsible are the government of the U.K. based in London. 

The allegations are damning and concerning against our government and you feel it necessary to make mention of us having an “encounter.”

This was no encounter PC Mander this is a victim of crime attending the police station expecting to be treated as a victim of crime not dismissed and trivialised by using irresponsible and condescending terminology. I therefore ask are all victims of crime identified and labelled as an “encounter?’

Can you provide me with the Metropolitan Police’s own crime recording guidance where victims are identified as being an encounter?  Having scrutinised the current home office crime recording guidelines (April 2020) I cannot find any reference to referring to victims of crime as “encounters.”

Are you aware of the Home office crime recording guidelines dated April 2020?

As a victim of crime in the United Kingdom you have a right to attend the police station to report a crime, to ask the police to investigate the crime and to stop those responsible for continuing to cause you harm, injury or loss to you or damage to your property. 

The police’s job is to protect you from harm, injury or loss. 

National Crime Recording Standard (1 of 5)

Vision: That all police forces in England and Wales have the best crime recording system in the world: one that is consistently applied; delivers accurate statistics that are trusted by the public and puts the needs of victims at its core.

1. Aims

• To promote accurate and consistent crime recording between police forces; and

• To take a victim oriented approach to crime recording.

General Principles

The Standard directs a victim focused approach to crime recording. The intention is that victims are believed and benefit from statutory entitlements under the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime (CPVC). This seeks to ensure that those reporting crimes will be treated with empathy and their allegations will be taken seriously. Any investigation which follows is then taken forward with an open mind to establish the truth. added September 2019.

2, PC Mander, do you believe I am being treated as a victim and the national crime recording standard applies to me? 

3, PC Mander, do you believe you have correctly portrayed a victim focused approach?

4, PC Mander, do you think I have been believed and taken seriously under the CPVC? 

5, PC Mander, was my complaint investigated and taken forward with an open mind? 

6, PC Mander, how did you establish the truth from your investigation? 

7, PC Mander, is it normal practice for the police to advise a victim of crime to take the matter up directly with the alleged offender? As in this case my allegations are against the government of which there are 650 members of Parliament and you want me to speak to them about the crimes they are committing against me? 

If they admit their crimes would you like me to make the arrests, carry out the section 18/32 searches of offices and home addresses, conduct tape recorded interviews under pace, forensically examine mobile phones and computers, obtain high court warrants to access bank accounts and then put together the PTI files and submit to the CPS or the DPP to decide on charges? 

Would this be the same advice you give to a rape victim? Would you tell the rape victim to speak to or email the person responsible for committing the rape? 

Is this how policing is conducted now? 

8, PC Mander, can you please provide me with the Metropolitan Police’s guidelines on how a victim of crime should consult directly with the alleged offender? 

Having scrutinised the home office crime recording guidelines I can’t find any mention of said procedures contained within.  

9, I do not have any followers, if there are other people who believe they are victims of crime and request the assistance of Her Majesty’s Constabulary as is there fundamental right, they too should and must ALL be treated as victims and the home office guidelines on the recording of crime and treatment of victims MUST be followed accordingly. 

PC Mander how would you like me to speak to the other victims of crime who are coming forward and appear to be contacting you? 

Will you be providing me with their details? Do they know you will do this and has each person individually given permission for said disclosures? 

Are you going to breach the data protection protocols and the very strict GDPR rules 2018 that came into effect in January 2021? 

Are you aware of the penalties for breaching the GDPR laws? 

10, PC Mander, from the evidence I submitted to you on the 20th of March 2021 at Charing Cross police station how much of the evidence did you personally read? You say you cannot move forward with an investigation, however assuming you made your decision based on the evidence and all of the facts made available to you how did you come to the conclusion not to take the investigation forward? 

What was it from the available evidence that prompted this decision? 

I’m particularly interested in your assessment of the illegal and unlawful use of the PCR tests, considering the evidence in the folders is so damning and the whole pandemic is built around these fake tests how did you conclude this wasn’t criminal considering the overwhelming evidence? 

11, PC Mander, when you consulted with your supervisors, who were these supervisors? Sergeants, Inspectors or Chief inspectors? How did you relay the evidence to them? Did you go through each of the nine assertions and break it down accordingly?

Did you and the supervisors make detailed notes? After all it’s not everyday your government are accused of Misfeasance and misconduct in public office, treason, murder, fraud, administering a noxious and poisonous substance with intent to cause harm, genocide, terrorism, gross negligence manslaughter, conspiracy to commit murder, blackmail, corruption, false imprisonment, multiple breaches of human rights and corporate manslaughter. 

12, PC Mander, will you provide me with a copy of these detailed notes with all the decision making contained or shall I request them under the Freedom of information/ subject access request protocols? 

13, Please provide me with the names, collar numbers and rank of all the supervisors you consulted with or shall I request them under the freedom of information/subject access request protocols. 

14, PC Mander are you aware of the below stated case?

Commissioner of The Metropolitan Police V DSD Supreme Court 2018 UKSC 11 presided over by Lord Neuberger. 

The human rights act imposes a general duty to investigate ill treatment amounting to a violation of article 3 of the European Convention of human rights. 

 Minimum standards are expected and must be adhered to by the state and the police so that citizens are protected from really serious harm and proper steps must be taken to bring those responsible to justice. 

The state is obliged under article 3 to conduct an effective investigation into serious crimes carried out by an individual or the state.  

 An individual who has suffered ill treatment has a right to claim compensation against the state where there has been a failure by the state authorities to conduct a significant criminal investigation. 

 The courts ruled The Metropolitan Police failed to carry out a sufficient investigation and therefore compensation was awarded to the two complainants/victims. 

 The European Convention of Human Rights is fully compatible in British law and in the British courts. Public bodies must respect those rights, public bodies such as the courts, the police, public authorities, hospitals and schools. 

 Article 3

Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment, this act can be physical or mental.

PC Mander, compensation is sought by me as a result of my criminal complaint and the serious allegations being made against the government. If you and The Metropolitan Police are not going to investigate these serious crimes the above stated case is a reminder of the consequences of failing to do your job. To date it is highly likely there is in the region of fifty million victims of crime. 

The compensation awarded if these crimes are ignored based on the above stated case would be astronomical to say the least. 

15, PC Mander, will you please clarify did you and the supervisors you consulted with personally swear an oath of constable as detailed here? Do you still carry out your duties with a view to protect the public from harm, injury, loss or damage to property without fear or favour and independent of government or any outside interference? Did you swear to do this to the best of your ability and faithfully according to law? 

16, PC Mander, do you and the supervisors you consulted with subscribe to and continue to adhere to the “STANDARDS OF PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOUR” and “POLICING PRINCIPLES” as outlined here? 

Please respond to the following 16 points raised/questions asked as soon as possible in order for me to decide my next course of action.

Please be reminded I still want to make a criminal complaint against the government of the United Kingdom and the evidence I rely upon is contained within the folders. I expect due diligence and I expect you PC Mander and The Metropolitan Police to carry out a full criminal investigation without fear or favour and I expect to be treated as a victim as per the home office recording guidelines not fobbed off as a mere “encounter.” 

If you require any further information or clarifications please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Yours faithfully. 

Mr Michael Stott.