Criminal Complaint Initiative – What You Should Do Now?

In the previous News story the Criminal Complaint Initiative – What has Happened? We explained about how the police had tried to fob us off with a lame excuse and dismiss our Criminal Complaint. We then explained how we knew this was going to happen and how we were well prepared for the next stage of this Criminal Complaint Initiative. We sent an e mail in response that requires the police to explain why they have chosen not to investigate a completely legitimate Criminal Complaint in line with the Crime reporting regulations and how they are sending us to the perpetrators to get justice. An utter nonsense!!!!

Now we have loosely accurate figures that lead us to believe that in the five weeks since the 20th of March over 30,000 Criminal Complaints have been sent into the police at Charing Cross. Very few have been answered and those that have been have been have had an email, asking for them to take it up to with their local MP. Our guess is that they are hoping you will just forget about it but now is the time to keep the pressure on as much as possible.

Scenario 1

They send you an email or a letter as they did with us, saying that they are not going to proceed with their criminal complaint. I this scenario we would like you to reply with the following email personalised to be from you.

To: “” <>
Subject: FW: Metropolitan Police Service Ref CWRT01035030

Dear PC Mander, 

In response to your email to me dated 29th of March 2021 I made mention legal advice will be sought. 

As a result of said advice I am instructed to ask the following and seek clarification to each point as detailed below:

1. I submitted a criminal complaint by post/in person to Charing Cross Police Station as a victim of crime and as such wish to be treated as such. I relied on over 800 pages of evidence, submitted by Mick Stott of the UK Freedom Alliance, detailing heinous and deeply concerning crimes being committed against me. I have no doubt this evidence is also relevant to many millions of people throughout the United kingdom. 

Misfeasance and Misconduct in public office are the most serious of indictable offences and carry a life sentence on conviction, the people responsible are the government of the U.K. based in London. 

The allegations are damning and concerning against our government and I feel you have dismissed my Criminal Complaint without any investigation.

PC Mander I am a victim of crime presenting my Criminal Complaint the police station expecting to be treated as a victim of crime not dismissed and trivialised by telling me to go along and tell me to speak to my MP about it. The MP’s are not responsible for upholding the law you are.

Are you aware of the Home office crime recording guidelines dated April 2020?

As a victim of crime in the United Kingdom you have a right to attend/communicate with a police station to report a crime, to ask the police to investigate the crime and to stop those responsible for continuing to cause you harm, injury or loss to you or damage to your property. 

The police’s job is to protect you from harm, injury or loss. 

National Crime Recording Standard (1 of 5)

Vision: That all police forces in England and Wales have the best crime recording system in the world: one that is consistently applied; delivers accurate statistics that are trusted by the public and puts the needs of victims at its core.

1. Aims

• To promote accurate and consistent crime recording between police forces; and

• To take a victim oriented approach to crime recording.

General Principles

The Standard directs a victim focused approach to crime recording. The intention is that victims are believed and benefit from statutory entitlements under the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime (CPVC). This seeks to ensure that those reporting crimes will be treated with empathy and their allegations will be taken seriously. Any investigation which follows is then taken forward with an open mind to establish the truth. added September 2019.

2, PC Mander, do you believe I am being treated as a victim and the national crime recording standard applies to me? 

3, PC Mander, do you believe you have correctly portrayed a victim focused approach?

4, PC Mander, do you think I have been believed and taken seriously under the CPVC? 

5, PC Mander, was my complaint investigated and taken forward with an open mind? 

6, PC Mander, how did you establish the truth from your investigation? 

7, PC Mander, is it normal practice for the police to advise a victim of crime to take the matter up directly with the alleged offender? As in this case my allegations are against the government of which there are 650 members of Parliament and you want me to speak to them about the crimes they are committing against me? 

If they admit their crimes would you like me to make the arrests, carry out the section 18/32 searches of offices and home addresses, conduct tape recorded interviews under pace, forensically examine mobile phones and computers, obtain high court warrants to access bank accounts and then put together the PTI files and submit to the CPS or the DPP to decide on charges? 

Would this be the same advice you give to a rape victim? Would you tell the rape victim to speak to or email the person responsible for committing the rape? 

Is this how policing is conducted now? 

8, PC Mander, can you please provide me with the Metropolitan Police’s guidelines on how a victim of crime should consult directly with the alleged offender? 

9. Having scrutinised the home office crime recording guidelines I can’t find any mention of said procedures contained within.  

10, PC Mander, from the evidence I submitted to you on the 20th of March 2021 at Charing Cross police station how much of the evidence did you personally read? You say you cannot move forward with an investigation, however assuming you made your decision based on the evidence and all of the facts made available to you how did you come to the conclusion not to take the investigation forward? 

What was it from the available evidence that prompted this decision? 

I’m particularly interested in your assessment of the illegal and unlawful use of the PCR tests, considering the evidence in the folders is so damning and the whole pandemic is built around these fake tests how did you conclude this wasn’t criminal considering the overwhelming evidence? 

11, PC Mander, when you consulted with your supervisors, who were these supervisors? Sergeants, Inspectors or Chief inspectors? How did you relay the evidence to them? Did you go through each of the nine assertions and break it down accordingly?

Did you and the supervisors make detailed notes? After all it’s not everyday your government are accused of Misfeasance and misconduct in public office, treason, murder, fraud, administering a noxious and poisonous substance with intent to cause harm, genocide, terrorism, gross negligence manslaughter, conspiracy to commit murder, blackmail, corruption, false imprisonment, multiple breaches of human rights and corporate manslaughter. 

12, PC Mander, will you provide me with a copy of these detailed notes with all the decision making contained or shall I request them under the Freedom of information/ subject access request protocols? 

13, Please provide me with the names, collar numbers and rank of all the supervisors you consulted with or shall I request them under the freedom of information/subject access request protocols. 

14, PC Mander are you aware of the below stated case?

Commissioner of The Metropolitan Police V DSD Supreme Court 2018 UKSC 11 presided over by Lord Neuberger. 

The human rights act imposes a general duty to investigate ill treatment amounting to a violation of article 3 of the European Convention of human rights. 

Minimum standards are expected and must be adhered to by the state and the police so that citizens are protected from really serious harm and proper steps must be taken to bring those responsible to justice. 

The state is obliged under article 3 to conduct an effective investigation into serious crimes carried out by an individual or the state.  

An individual who has suffered ill treatment has a right to claim compensation against the state where there has been a failure by the state authorities to conduct a significant criminal investigation. 

The courts ruled The Metropolitan Police failed to carry out a sufficient investigation and therefore compensation was awarded to the two complainants/victims. 

The European Convention of Human Rights is fully compatible in British law and in the British courts. Public bodies must respect those rights, public bodies such as the courts, the police, public authorities, hospitals and schools. 

 Article 3

Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment, this act can be physical or mental.

PC Mander, compensation is sought by me as a result of my criminal complaint and the serious allegations being made against the government. If you and The Metropolitan Police are not going to investigate these serious crimes the above stated case is a reminder of the consequences of failing to do your job. To date it is highly likely there is in the region of fifty million victims of crime. 

The compensation awarded if these crimes are ignored based on the above stated case would be astronomical to say the least. 

15, PC Mander, will you please clarify did you and the supervisors you consulted with personally swear an oath of constable as detailed here? Do you still carry out your duties with a view to protect the public from harm, injury, loss or damage to property without fear or favour and independent of government or any outside interference? Did you swear to do this to the best of your ability and faithfully according to law? 

16, PC Mander, do you and the supervisors you consulted with subscribe to and continue to adhere to the “STANDARDS OF PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOUR” and “POLICING PRINCIPLES” as outlined here? 

Please respond to the following 16 points raised/questions asked as soon as possible in order for me to decide my next course of action.

Please be reminded I still want to make a criminal complaint against the government of the United Kingdom and the evidence I rely upon is contained within the folders submitted by Mick Stott. I expect due diligence and I expect you PC Mander and The Metropolitan Police to carry out a full criminal investigation without fear or favour and I expect to be treated as a victim as per the home office recording guidelines not fobbed off as a mere “encounter.” 

If you require any further information or clarifications please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Yours faithfully. 


If you copy and paste this email template in to an email and just send it off to the email address at the top of this Email template. Alternatively you can print it off and send it by registered mail to Charing Cross Police Station. Be careful to ask for an acknowledgement that your email has been received and they are going to start investigating your Criminal Complaint.

Scenario 2

If you have sent in a Criminal Complaint to Charing Cross Police Station and have not received any kind of acknowledgement then now is the time to send an email/letter to PC Mander asking what has happened to the investigation into your criminal complaint. When you sent your Criminal Complaint in by post, we asked you to take copies and keep evidence that you sent your Criminal Complaint in. Now we want you to make these a part of your email to prove that you sent your complaint in. The police will then have to acknowledge that they have received your complaint and they will at this point send you the email that we talk about in scenario 1. At this point you reply by sending the email that we ask you to send in Scenario 1 and follow the same instructions.

If you copy and paste the email template from Scenario 1 in to an email and just send it off to the email address at the top of this Email template. Alternatively you can print it off and send it by registered mail to Charing Cross Police Station. Be careful to ask for an acknowledgement that your email has been received and they are going to start investigating your Criminal Complaint.