Deception from Birth

This is a series about the Common Law and how we need it now more than ever. This first video starts with describing the great deception that begins at birth. By the adoption of a family name on our birth certificate we are made into a corporation by the authorities at birth. This is a deception. It explains how we need to read and understand the common law and understand how the deception is drilled into our heads. How we are schooled rather than educated to follow along with the great deception. This deception is displayed best when you look how the police are now a corporation and police officers serve the corporation, rather than the people. but a loophole has been created because they are still sworn in under the oath of a police constable.

In part two of the series about Common Law, Courtney explains the difference between Lawful and Legal and why we all need to adopt what is lawful rather than legal under increasing pressure from the corporate legal system. We often hear the terms lawful and legal interchangeably and most people will believe you are talking about the same thing, but they are very different. Legal is a private club in the hands of private corporations and increasingly our police are being used as policy officers. Lawful is the natural law and belongs to the people and exists in the inalienable rights you are given at birth. the substance of the common law come from the Magna Carta when it was decided all were born equal to live as free men.

In Part 3 Courtney leads his discussion on to the unalienable freedom of Lawful Rebellion. Coming from the Magna Carta you have the right to lawful rebellion and Courtney tells us how this can be developed to cope with the current situation where the authorities are trying to trick us into giving up our inalienable rights.

In Part 4 of our series about Common Law, Courtney takes though what the difference is between being a person or an individual and how the Coronavirus laws are all tailored towards the person and are unlawful to the individual. Basically if you choose to comply as a person then you are bound by these laws but if you choose not to comply as an individual you are not. One of the ways you can protect yourselves and operate as a free man is by issuing a notice of liability to anybody who demands that you do something because of coronavirus that is against your Human or Civil rights.

Part 5 in our series about the Common Law with Courtney from the Isle of Man. In this episode Courtney talks about the Nuremburg Code and how the government are flouting this by allowing big pharmaceutical companies to experiment on human beings without there vaccines going through proper tests, without proper trials on animals and then indemnifying the pharmaceutical companies against proper legal scrutiny for mistakes, thus giving them a licence to poison and murder.

Under our inalienable rights, which was reinforced by the Nuremberg code, every human is given the freedom of informed consent. This informed consent is being denied us by the government and the MSM propaganda machine as we are expected to take without proper testing and trials, without a clear and concise list of ingredients and with dissenting voices within the Medical and scientific communities being silenced.

They go on to talk about the vaccine deaths that have occurred from mid-December, deaths and serious injury that are the result of using dangerous untried technology in a vaccine and then trialling it direct on an unsuspecting public who have the right to be protected from such public office misfeasance which will result in a new set of Nuremberg trials when it all comes out. Doctors and Nurses are financially rewarded for giving out this vaccine extra to there wages which due to and untried vaccine leads to a conflict of interests with their hypocritic oath.

He also talks about how people around the world are fighting back against the takeover by the globalists and what the pharmaceutical industry has been doing to bring this about in recent history.

What can ordinary people do to fight this, people like Courtney are stepping up funding court cases but what you can do is explained here.

Part 6 is a special on the vaccine from the point of a view of the Common Law. He looks at the fact that this in fact not a vaccine in the accepted meaning of the word as it does not offer immunity or nor does it stop transmissibility. This trans human toxin is gene therapy using messenger RNA so that technically you are not a human anymore and it leaves your immune system open to super priming.

All of this ignored, given indemnity by the government, and promoted by the MSM propaganda machine.

This is a depopulation event and that is the be all and end all, this is not a pandemic.

In Part 7 of the Common Law series for Courtney from the Isle of Man, Courtney describes how the Virus is not real, it is just a tool, this pandemic has been invented to create an end game to create a new world order. This virus has never been isolated to the gold standard, it is fake and they have created a pandemic from Sars 2, which kills maybe 2000 people a year like it has done for a while. This is all smoke and mirrors a fraud and this is proven from the statistics.