Guardians300 – recruitment drive

More and more people are contacting us regarding the Guardians300 and in this series of videos Mick Stott will explain what the Organisations If you feel that we are currently losing our basic human rights and you are the type of man who is prepared to:

Stand up and be counted.

Be trained in common law.

Defend peaceful demonstrations using knowledge of the law Stand in your own power as a man.

Help others to change in the current situation instead of just talking.

Be the change in the world that you wish to see happen.

Remain calm under pressure and peacefully resist against agents who aggress those acting peacefully.

Join the Guardians300 a team of men who are dedicated to learning the law and applying it peacefully with a purpose. You will learn everything you need to act and be part of a team dedicated to action not talk. Strength and Honour in Peace is our motto.

Why should you as a veteran or a loyal citizen join Guardians 300 the new peace keeping force we are creating. Mick Stott a member of the World Freedom Alliance and The UK Freedom Alliance explains how our loyalty to queen and country has been misplaced over the last 20 years and how we should all now stand in our power as veterans and men and stand up for the oaths we took to protect and defend the British people. Join the Guardians 300 telegram group, join The UK Freedom Alliance on Social Media and most importantly of all join Guardians 300 and become part of the resistance against this tyrannical government.

Guardians300 is getting a lot of traction with many people joining from all walks of life. Lots of disillusioned veterans are joining sick and tired of being lied to and persecuted by a government that just doesn’t care. In this video Mick Stott reinforces the ethos of the Guardians300 and lets people new to the group know exactly the direction this group is heading in.