The UK Freedom Alliance – Call to Action

On Saturday 24th April, men and women from all walks of life, will converge upon London with one thing in common, a desire to fight to ensure their children, grandchildren, and generations to come, are bequeathed the same rights, as we were bequeathed by generation after generation before us. Rights that our ancestors deemed worthy of the ultimate sacrifice, Rights that we, up until now, took for granted, and Rights that if we don’t stand up as one now, will be forever banished to a thing of the past, to be spoken of historically in folklore. The current issue is not one of politics, it is one of huge magnitude to the human race. Anyone who still spouts rhetoric about Left or Right, is clearly not up to speed with the current status of the human race, and is still dancing to the tune of our politicians paymasters. Generation after generation have bought into the lie of the century, designed by the 1% to divide and conquer, to keep US the 99%) at loggerheads with each other, while THEY continue to rape and pillage our economy, morals, and human rights. There is no Left and Right, there is only Right and Wrong. The Billionaire Extremists that WE allow to run the world, continue to inflict their self centred ideologies upon the masses, as they seek to keep us “productive” and “profitable”, whilst tailor made political analysts, teachers and media moguls, trot out the party line, that they were put in place to promote. Capitalism? Communism? What’s the fuc#ing difference? Are China and Russia countries run by communists, or extreme capitalists? As far as I can see, Billionaire Industrialists and oligarchs continue to prosper, as the 99% continue to work their fingers to the bone, whilst maximising profits for the 1%, – until they are deemed of little use to society, until required to babysit their grandchildren, so as their children can grind themselves into the ground to further boost the profit margins. If you think all this is irrelevant to you and your life, look again. The world our politicians are mapping out for us, is one that is decades in the making. Every January, Davos Men and Women gather in Switzerland, to map out the depopulation and demise of the human race. In a continuation of the nefarious collaboration between Germany and Switzerland, that saw their bankers profit on the back of the Holocaust, Klauss Schwab, a German born Swiss “economist”, continues to extol the “stakeholderism” economic ideology, first thought up and advocated by Adolf Hitlers economic advisors in 1930s Germany. Schwab has been meeting with messers Gates, Rockerfeller and Rothschild since at least 2008, and all have continued to spout their combined rhetoric in Davos ever since. Rockerfeller famously made reference to all we currently see, in his Lock Step 2010 prophecy. But much of what we now witness, was first thought up over 50 years ago, in the CIAs programme Operation Mockingbird (a chillingly real insight into how to use the media to “condition” the public, to achieve your political ends).The media propaganda campaign we currently witness, is bought and paid for by those who seek to distract and divide us. Those who seek to set us against each other, through race, colour or religious divide. There is only ONE RACE -The Human Race. It is WE the 99% who hold the power. Totalitarian States are the same the world over, there is no left or right, you are either For or Against the oppressive regime. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS Stand Up For Our Children’s Rights, And The Rights Of Their Children – This Saturday Speakers Corner – London.1pm . If you only ever stand up once, make it this once, because you may never get another chance, and your children deserve better. Our Children – Their Rights. The U.K. FREEDOM ALLIANCE