Panorama – The Disinformation War & Why the BBC is a Spent Force

Panorama, a programme that years ago was deemed the flagship of investigative journalism, has now degenerated into a propaganda mouthpiece for the New World Order. The programme’s reputation along with its journalistic credibility suffered a terrible blow in early 2019 when its Chief reporter, John Sweeney was caught trying to do a hit piece on the free speech activist Tommy Robinson but had the tables turned on him and  he was exposed as someone who was willing to bribe and coerce people into telling lies, telling the story that he wanted to tell and not the truth. After that he stopped working for the BBC and Panorama was forced to apologise for Sweeney’s offensive and inappropriate comments and behaviour during the making of the programme. The irony is that Mr Robinsons documentary ” Panodrama” he made about the attempt to defame him received far more views online than an episode of Panorama receives on the BBC.

John Sweeney may of left but the tradition of creating hit pieces, not based on any fact, against innocent parties is apparently carrying on. But this time will the inaccuracies and falsehoods in the programme only cause defamation for some of the doctors in it or will it have more chilling consequences when people, that are persuaded to have the vaccine in the documentary have health problems, adverse reactions and even die due to the programme changing their minds.

The programme itself (above) called The Disinformation War is presented by Marianna Spring who we are told is the Specialist Disinformation and Social Media reporter for BBC News. Marianna studied for a degree in Languages (French & Russian) at Pembroke College Oxford, which included time in Russia and France. This university like Cambridge has been blessed by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and that is not the last time you will be hearing their names in this article. Far be it for me to undermine Marianna’s credentials but she cut her teeth as a journalist working as editor of the Cherwell, Oxford’s student newspaper. When she was was abroad in 2016 she honed her journalistic skills working for that paragon of impartiality the Moscow Times writing such important pieces as The closure of the Russia-Norway border, a toddler casualty, protests regarding Leonardo di Caprio and a rescue mission of 40 fisherman.

Apparently it also gave her an “Insight into how the press works here, in particular how it covers those more controversial news stories. So it seems that the ability to spout out whatever propaganda she has been told to, is in fact, her real speciality. When she left university she completed her journalistic apprenticeship at such right wing rags as the Guardian and Private Eye. As you can see this made her an ideal candidate for the BBC where she suddenly reinvented herself as the BBC’s disinformation and Social Media specialist where she has made more noise complaining about online abuse to her personally. A bit of advice,  if you specialise in telling lies about such an emotive subject as Covid19, masks and vaccinations don’t be surprised when people push back against the propaganda. Also be aware that when the truth about this gene therapy gets out you will not be able to hide behind the excuse I didn’t know what I was doing as the BBC executives throw you to the wolves. I think you should concentrate on learning what the Nuremberg code is all about rather than trying to destroy doctors lives and spreading the disinformation ordered by Bill Gates a very large benefactor of the BBC.

Bill Gates – Digital Dictators

The programme starts with a lovely lady going to a save our Rights Demonstration in Brighton. She tries to ridicule her and as we see the demonstrators losing their rag with the BBC film crew she says her first untruth of the programme. She says 63,000 people at the time of that Demo in December had died of Coronavirus. In fact, only 1,900 people died of coronavirus in 2020  and over 61,000 had died of flu, pneumonia and god knows what else but had been put down falsely as Coronavirus. (See our article on the “scamdemic” figures.

We have then a small piece where we see mostly NHS staff and care workers receiving their Jabs. What you don’t see or hear is how most of these people are being blackmailed with their jobs to take this vaccine. I was in The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital today and was amazed how ill informed they were and was very distressed when one nurse discovered how she might never be able to have children and burst into tears. It appears the disinformation, lies, and bully boy tactics lies very much in the hands authorities not the free thinking part of our society.

This is where the first expert opinion is unleashed. We see Dr David Turner dressed in his scrubs looking for all the world like a frontline doctor working hard helping people getting their vaccines but the presenter lets it out casually that he is the person that organised trials of the vaccine for Astra Zenica. Would it then surprise you to learn he spends very little time in the actual hospital but his primary job is as a associate professor and consultant microbiologist teaching at Nottingham University. He might be  very good at his job but him appearing in this film and working promoting the vaccine, especially the Astra Zenica one, reveals a very big conflict of interest for Dr David Turner because he is sailing very close to the wind legally. Where lots of members of organisations can claim ignorance of the technicalities of the vaccine, although this is no defence under the Nuremberg code, the experts in the BBC documentary as he can not claim this as he is well aware of the experimental treatment of this gene therapy. His hospital and University is funded by the, you guessed it, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as is Astra Zenica the person he arranged vaccine trials for.

The next phase of the documentary plays on the heartstrings in the usual manner talking to a lady who has recently lost her father, belittling her fears about the vaccine trying to make her guilty. But something is very strange about this mans death. He went into Hospital Covid free and then contracted Covid-Sars-2 in hospital, how is that possible with everybody wearing PPE in a sterile environment. It then goes on to state despite him being very unwell with Covid19 Sars-2 they gave him his first shot of the jab  but he died shortly afterwards. The programme makes out that the vaccine was to late to pull off a miracle and if he had it earlier he would of survived. This assertion is criminally wrong because it goes against the manufacturers instructions and even the wishy washy advice of the NHS leaflet. If I was, the lady in the programme I would contact some good solicitors because all manufacturers do not recommend vaccinating anyone who is feeling unwell, is on strong medication, is self isolating with Covid19 Sars-2, thinks they have Covid19 Sars-2, has a high temperature or even is unsure if you are fit and well. So what were doctors doing prescribing the vaccine to a man very sick with Covid19 Saars-2 already and on heavy medication to me that sounds like someone has a huge claim for compensation and a doctor that is in danger of manslaughter or maybe even murder!!!

After totally cocking up that part of the programme Marianna goes on to say how in this woman’s grief they have directed her to the NHS leaflet that shows the possible side effects from the vaccine. This in itself is not really important but notice on that list of possible side effects it does not mention death from anaphylactic shock within a few hours, Bells palsy or other permanent disabilities and predictably Marianna does not mention these possible outcomes either!!!

Then we see another of the programmes experts Dr Mary Ramsey, Head of Immunisation, for Public Health England. Who is very careful in what she says, she puts the onus on doctors and nurses to make sure that they, the person who is giving the vaccine makes sure the person receiving the vaccine is given the information to make “informed consent”.

What she doesn’t reveal however is she is another person advocating the vaccine whilst exposing a massive conflict of interest. She seems very shy on giving people advice on vaccines when she actively searches for vaccine preventable diseases for her boss Bill Gates at WHO and also on one of the experts at Sage pushing all this untested gene therapy on the residents of the UK.

We then hear from an old couple where she exploits their fear and again repeats twice that the film “ask the experts” saying that the claims made in this film are false and says that the doctors and scientists of the video are spreading slickly produced disinformation. She is LYING and she does not say exactly what claims are false because they could then sue her.. She then says that the video has been removed from Social media but this is only because they want to suppress these experts because it does not fit in with the government agenda. She is a layman and is reading from a script and has some excuse for what she says but the next person we see in the programme definitely does not. This is where for me, the real villain, the hitman of the piece comes in. Professor Liam Smeeth MBChB FFPH FRCGP FRCP MSc PhD FMedSci. He is a GP, he is the Professor of clinical Epidemiology at the London school of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

His first pronouncement in the programme is an echo of what Marianna Spring has just said calling it “clever” in promoting fear amongst people scared about taking the vaccine “exaggerating them way beyond belief with no scientific basis” This is not only a lie but is criminally libellous and we at the UK Freedom Alliance will be looking into defending the doctors and scientists, some with far more achievements and  reputations than Professor Liam Smeeth. Remember at the stage when the “Ask The Experts” film came out the doctors only knew that they were MRNA vaccines and had only had three or four meetings together to pool the things they knew about the medicines. But their comments are not in the main, anti-vaccine, but merely advising that this vaccine is an unfinished experiment without having had the necessary trials to make sure it is safe. The “scientific” evidence is all on their side and not Professor Liam Smeeth’s as this type of vaccine has never been licenced for use, because it has never passed animal trials. Yet despite this lie he goes on to say the video is directed at older people who had the most to lose from not taking the vaccine.

We then get a group of people who have been recruited by the BBC because they have expressed online doubts about taking the vaccine. though it appears they are not and just well scripted at first. They then get shown the film “Ask The Experts” . This, it is said, is under the watchful eye of Professor Liam Smeeth but we hear from Marianna something that completely invalidates his impartiality. She says quite correctly that it is Liam Smeeth who has studied the test results and is one of the people responsible for this vaccine being licenced for emergency use when  its safety trials are too go on for at least another two years. It also goes to show as a scientist and a GP he is quite happy to go against his hypocritic oath and recommend this untried poison quite happily to people he does not know. What I would like to see is him and all the other experts in the programme to sit there and be injected with vaccine in front of the nation, not the placebo they give to famous people on camera but some taken at random from batches that were meant to go to the general public.   

Back to the programme, some of the volunteers express real fears which are then highlighted. At this point we again see Liam Smeeth criticizing the fact that the Ask the Experts video was repetitive, a little bit like the message in this programme then Professor Smeeth, goes on to say again, repetitive, that the video is “getting people to buy into this unscientific message, this anti-vaccine message, I think its tremendously damaging”

This makes me so angry because here is an eminently qualified scientist holding a very prestigious position lying to the British public, why, we will look at later.

In the programme all of a sudden some of the panel assembled for the show have strengthened their belief the vaccine is dodgy but others start showing concern that it is a scam with Marianna laughing with them about it. Some even saying that the fact that most of the doctors and scientists don’t believe even the “scamdemic” is real makes her think they are fake. Some,  no doubt, prodded in that direction by the very biased host Marianna Spring. 

They then present a completely fake representation about what has happened online on social media. They then try to guilt shame a young man who uses social media all the time by saying that maybe have this vaccine to prevent other people contracting Covid19 from him. To be fair to the young man he said he was young and healthy it didn’t matter what they said he was not convinced. She should not be doing this, under the Nuremberg Code it is not enough for her to say to a healthy person to take a treatment she knows nothing about, she should not be saying that this is safe until it is proved safe.

All that they prove is that the increase in anti-vax sites is because people do not believe the Government and Main Stream Media propaganda. Is it that the people are seeing that the scientific evidence for or against this vaccine is all on one side and it is not the governments.

The BBC then tried to big itself up by saying Facebook, Twitter, Instagram had listened to them and removed a number of posts and sites promoting anti-vax information, like the big tech giants would ever listen to what the BBC ever said. they removed the Ask the Experts video before the BBC even knew it existed. Furthermore the Tech Giants have also removed all the personal accounts of all the doctors scientists and nurses who appear in the video to censor debate.

All the social Media giants have been constantly promoting the globalist message and been removing anti-vax sites on their platforms before the BBC were even aware that there was a problem. To emphasize how the Tech giants have been slow in bringing in censorship she brings in a lady called Chloe Culliver from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. A globalist organisation fully committed to liaising between governments and the Globalist elite. Another very biased hand picked puppet for the programme, this programme is just so biased as she calls ordinary people seeking and spreading the truth dangerous perpetrators who are affecting real world health and safety. 

The hypocrisy of the social media giants can be seen below where Mark Zuckerberg is caught explaining his real feelings to his staff while publicly  following the globalist line that the vaccines are good. You can plainly hear he will not be having one but censors anyone on his platform that dares criticise the globalist agenda.  

It’s at this point in the programme the BBC brings up the most anti-free speech legislation ever looked at by our government, the Online Harms bill will effectively end any notion of free speech online. It will criminalise free speech and your opinions will be censored if it is not what the government want. We will look at this more closely in another article but if you read through the bill you will see that this is not an appropriate use of this bill so why are the BBC mentioning it and why isn’t the minister pointing out this is not the primary focus of the bill but then again is it the real point, to silence free speech. He says he is actively working with the social media companies to remove disinformation online, perhaps he would be better served by removing disinformation from Sage and our Bill gates run Puppet government and its MSM lackeys.

We then see the major falsehoods as they highlight the dilemma in taking this vaccine for those with strong religious views because of the animal cells and human embryonic cells. Ms Spring approaches a Muslim lady who has two disabled children to see what she has heard from Social Media and from her answer it is obvious that she has never been on Social Media in her life. This person was obviously approached by the BBC to take part because of all the virtue groups that she belongs too. Its as if they are trying to say look at these terrible doctors giving out false information to this poor lady putting her and her children at risk with their terrible lies. At this point Marianna is trying to look concerned behind a visor and at least two facemasks. The BBC’s tactics are shameful!!!

The poor lady then gets her words mixed up as she says she has heard the vaccine has “Embryo foetus something or pork inside” then it cuts away to a view of the family while Marianna says the biggest clearest piece of disinformation in the programme alongside a downright lie. She says “The vaccine contains no meat products or material from derived from foetal cells. But the misleading messages have had their effect”

These remarks are dangerous disinformation and we are looking into the possibility of holding Marianna spring accountable for what she has said.

We will explore all the vaccines in full in a different article but I will use just the Astra-Zeneca vaccine as an example to prove that the information in this programme is mostly made up of misinformation at best and blatant disinformation at best. 

Firstly, none of the Covid19 vaccines are in fact vaccines in the definitions offered by the government itself. Google vaccine and you will find this:

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease. A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins, or one of its surface proteins.

The Astra-Zeneca is a vector based gene therapy using double stranded Recombinant DNA. It is as you can see from the government website in figure one below, the main active ingredients of this vaccine contradict everything that Marianna says is not in it. She say that there are no meat products in any of the vaccines that are currently used in this country. No, you will not see bits of pork floating about in the vaccine but there is adenovirus tissue taken from a monkey that was given a cold, so that definitely qualifies as animal DNA being mixed with your own. This adenovirus is then developed in human embryonic kidney cells, HEK293, which are from a female foetus aborted in 1973. So you can see, both the ingredients that Marianna Spring said were not used in any of the vaccines are present in the first vaccine that I have looked at. This isn’t just a mistake, this borders on a massive criminal deception and could lead to hundreds of thousands of people going against their religious beliefs at best, at worst these could be maimed for life or even die from adverse reactions caused by the vaccine. (See Vaccination Special Part 2).

In true Panorama style they then move on to another concerned looking doctor Ameet Bachai who talks about doctors having to fight two pandemics, one the viral pandemic and the second against the misinformation online.

More faked outrage from a Cardiologist, a cardiologist that works at the Bill Gates and google funded Royal Free Hospital, hardly qualified to make great judgements on the immunologists and epidemiologists in the video “Ask the  Experts” as is obvious by what he states in the next part of the clip. He states that people believe that some people have died after just one dose of the vaccine, he states that people are telling him that the vaccines have been rushed,  he states that people are telling him that the vaccines have got animal products in, they will alter your DNA, ALL of which are true!!!

He then goes on to say that people say the vaccines have got microchips in or they are going to cause you cancer, then after the change in DNA you are no longer going to be recognisable because of that.  Good bit of psychology here as he says a lot of things in these few sentences that are true but then chucks in a few doubtful ones and one outrageously untrue one right at the end to make all the other claims seem untrue. 

So in order, it is 100% true that many people have died after just one dose from a variety of reasons, mostly anaphylactic shock, heart attacks and blood clots leading to strokes. With all the different vaccines claiming they have been tested but in reality the animal testing has not been done extensively and they went straight onto human trials which is basically saying we are the guinea pigs. So the Vaccines have been rushed, they are still classed as experimental, it is wrong to say they are completely safe until they complete the legal trials which it is not for another two years.

Then we come to animal products, if the adenoviruses/DNA used in the creation of the active ingredients in these vaccines come from Chimpanzee’s, rabbits, pigs mice and rats then I think it is not unfair to say that these vaccines all contain animal products or ingredients derived from animals. It is also true to say Human Embryonic Kidney and Retinal cells are used in every vaccine that has come to the market so far.

The vaccines whether they are mRNA or Recombinant DNA Vector vaccines will without doubt change and alter your DNA and not in a temporary way as claimed by some of the manufacturers. Its this irreversible change that takes away your humanity away and makes you trans-human and therefore a patentable and ownable commodity that is the really evil part of this eugenics project.

The doubtful ones are microchips which is possible but we do not 100% know they are in these vaccines yet,

There are ingredients in the vaccines that are known to suppress Cancer fighting antibodies so although we cant prove at the moment it causes cancer it certainly doesn’t help your body fight it. Last but not least it does change your DNA, but the ridiculous comment that it is going to change your appearance is simply not true and is only thrown in to discredit the experts in the video, at no point during the Video does any expert say that the vaccines are going to alter your appearance.

Professor Smeeth claims that the information in “Ask the experts”  is putting the health of vulnerable people at risk and that  doctors spreading quote false claims should be investigated and perhaps even have there licences revoked.

Setting aside for a minute, who gets to decide who is telling the truth and who is lying, we should point out however that we do not want to cast aspersions about the academic prowess of Professor Liam Smeeth the man is clearly a qualified accomplished career academic in the fields of epidemiology and medicine. But we are going to say that Professor Smeeth is clearly in multiple, flagrant breaches of any conflict of interest rules in the clear untruths he is saying in this programme about fellow doctors, the claims that he makes for the vaccines in this programme and the advice he is giving in this vaccine when he clearly knows that his advice could harm and injure the people he advises in this programme that could leave them terribly injured or even dead. A quick glance at the awards made by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation will tell you that over the past twenty years the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has received over 120 grants totalling over $250,000,000 in donations form the foundation. Smeeth is also connected to the group running the UK Biobank the Uk’s major biomedical database that has catalogued in depth genetic information for over 500,000 people to date. Last year UK Biobank partnered with DNAnexus a cloud based analytic platform aimed at geonomics and other clinical big data. DNAnexus is funded in large part from Google and microsoft and non other than Mr Bill Gates himself is listed as an owner. 

So why didn’t Panorama a programme that lists itself grandly as an “investigative documentary series revealing the truth about the stories that matter.”  considering consider these huge vested interests when choosing Smeeth alone to be the medical expert that quote “debunk” the professional opinions of dozens of medical specialists and scientific experts from around the world. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the BBC has excepted over $50,000,000 itself through one of its charities from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation so its very hard to see how the BBC was going to be unbiased in this programme and pick independent journalists and experts to make a case that could possibly show their argument in any kind of positive light. What little credibility the BBC and Panorama had left has well and truly gone!!! 

Science is the pursuit of truth and an argument should never be considered settled as long as doctors and scientists are putting forward contrary credible evidence based opinion. We praise Oracle films for giving the medical specialists, doctors, nurses and scientists of the World Freedom Alliance a platform to give their opinion against a backdrop of Government overstep, coercion and digital censorship. The UK Freedom Alliance will also never stop trying to provide people that come to this site the very best information so that you can make an informed choice.