UKFA – NOL NHS/CARE HOME – Nurses Carers and other staff


Re: This is a Notice of Liability setting out your personal responsibilities/
liabilities for requiring staff including NHS nurses, care (and other) workers to be
Covid-19 vaccinated and or encouraging staff to be Covid-19 vaccinated.

This is a notice of liability  for employers of nurses, NHS or Private and NHS ancillary staff such as cleaners, administrators porters etc….  This notice is also for employers of Care home nurses, carers as well as ancillary staff. The government has introduced some unlawful legislation that allows the NHS or Care homes to demand that all  NHS and Care Home staff from Nurses at the top of the scale right down to cleaners are mandated to get an experimental “vaccine” in order to access their employment. This legislation goes against so many employment laws and other laws including the “Nuremberg Code” the most sacrosanct codes of all time now being discarded and this notice will help them hold these people to account.

You can find notices of liability for free elsewhere but here at The UK Freedom Alliance we are asking you to make a small donation for every NOL to help pay the expenses of staff that travel the length and breadth of the country fighting for you and your children’s Human and Civil rights.