This is a Notice of Liability setting out your personal responsibilities/ liabilities for failing to prescribe and or allow the use of alternative life-saving treatments for patients in your care. This notice also sets out your responsibilities around palliative, “End of Life” care being used irresponsibly.

In this notice of Liability we are trying to educate the junior doctors to educate themselves about the treatment protocols they are being given to combat coronaviruses. These are frankly wrong. This notice will make them think twice about blindly following protocols and actually research and request alternative treatments like Ivermectin. A drug with an impeccable safety record.

Also it is designed equally to stop doctors reverting into “end of life” protocols and do some of there own research to see how deadly the drug Midazolam is, especially when used in conjunction with Morphine.

You can find notices of liability for free elsewhere but here at The UK Freedom Alliance we are asking you to make a small donation for every NOL to help pay the expenses of staff that travel the length and breadth of the country fighting for you and your children’s Human and Civil rights.