This is a Notice of Liability setting out your personal responsibilities/liabilities for conducting experimental medical trials on University or College grounds or the insistence that students are vaccinated as a condition of attendance.

This is a notice of liability that can be sent to the PRINCIPAL person that controls implementation and policy around Vaccinations within University/college grounds. This notice puts them on notice that you are against yourself, your child or grandchild being subject to a medical procedure in order to access education that can cause harm/injury, that you do not consent to and that they feel coerced into doing.  This can also be sent to any University/college as a concerned citizen who disagrees with the policy of coercing students into taking an experimental medical gene therapy, to access higher education, that has been proven to cause injury in some people, even death.

This notice is to be sent to the Chancellor, Dean or Principal at the University/college that is implementing these kind of  policies. Or it can be sent to all Universities/Colleges as a preventative measure to stop them implementing any of these coercive policies in the future.