“Stazi-Like” Political Policing at World Freedom Alliance Events

Policing Fair to All Rather Than Two Tier Policing

Policing – fair to all?

An anti extremism street movement grew – driven by social media – and 70000 people marched – no arrests and positive feedback from the state. Apolitical and wanting a safer country – and ultimately world – for everyone to live in.

Subsequent demonstrations against political and religious extremism were met with counter demonstrations and robust policing – -disproportionate police response from the police against the marchers not the counter protestors.

Fast forward to the more recent past …. extinction rebellion and BLM protestors causing serious disruption and criminal damage treated with kid gloves – knees taken and heads bowed – in contrast for the sample to those seeking to protect monuments – harassed, kettled and arrested by the police.

Is this treatment contrast coincidental or contrived?

Who do the police serve? The old adage “he who pays the piper calls the tune” comes to mind looking at the differentiated treatment of members of the public – seemingly differentiated on political preference – that has become glaringly obvious over the last several years but accelerated over the last few. The key question is who is paying the piper?