The Dolores Cahill Interview – Part Three

“We Don’t Need To Live in Fear”

In Part 3 of an interview with Prof Dolores Cahill she first tells you that Covid 19 is just another influenza type virus most closely related to Sars. She then goes on to tell us that this coronavirus is eminently treatable with safe, well tried, Nobel prize winning medicines. With practical advice on prevention and keeping healthy she relates how you can prevent the onset of any coronavirus by taking Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc. When you start showing symptoms the very safe, anti-viral malaria drug that has been tested around the globe, Hydroxychloroquine. She goes on to tell us we don’t need to live in fear; there is hope for the future. Dolores also discusses the threats she has received, how Lockdown is unnecessary and how we should just say ‘No’ to the loss of our freedoms. Interview by Liam Galvin