If you do not want your children being permanently damaged please follow this call to action.

Leave Our Kids Alone, the parents pressure group with the UK Freedom Alliances help managed to deliver notices of Liability to the headteachers of over 6,880 secondary schools and over 540 Colleges and Universities. This has inundated the Headteachers union with complaints from distressed Headteachers who contacted the JCVI and helped them make their decision. Within a few hours this had been accepted as government policy and a few days later Chris Whitty, (Bill Gates man in the government) then advised the government ministers to go ahead with jabbing 12- to -15-year-old school children with an experimental gene therapy. The government are now ready to start injecting children by sending special teams into the school and carrying out the administration. Mr Zahawi said the School Age Immunisation Service would deliver the “bulk” of the programme, with separate vaccination sites used for schools where this was not possible. He said clinicians would share information on the vaccine with parents and if there was a difference in opinion between a parent and child, a clinician would bring them together to try and reach a consensus.

However, in the rare cases agreement is not reached, the child could give consent themselves if the clinician considered them “competent”, he added.

The last sentence in this is almost prophetic because amazingly at that point on Wednesday 15th of September Mr Zahawi couldn’t of possibly known that that the appeal court was to reverse the “Gillick competence” decision of Bell v Tavistock on the 17th of September. saying that children were now capable of making Gillick competence decisions on an experimental gene therapy “vaccine” that has no long term safety data. Convenient to say the least!!!

Unfortunately for the Headteacher, Deputy head and the Chair of the Board of Governors this means that the three people that decide about the administration of Medical Procedures on school grounds will now come under the spotlight again. Its, OK for Mr Zahawi to send his “death” squads out to your school now with the ability to override parental consent, but it is not Mr Zahawi who will have to pay the price for breaking the Nuremberg code, unfortunately that will fall on the shoulders of the vaccinators themselves and ultimately the headteacher, so it is the headteachers that need to be targeted to stop this.

What to do follows in part two.