The Guardians300 out on operations

Here we have the Guardians300 commander in chief Mick Stott and a group trained as Common Law Peace Constables going to rescue people forced into Quarantine by the governments ridiculous Coronavirus laws. This shows the power of Common Law over statute law.

This is the most important rescue from a quarantine hotel (prison) that we’ve undertaken so far. Guardians 300 was setup by armed forces veteran Mick Stott of The UK Freedom Alliance, to provide protection to the people, from the agents of the state. We received an email from Francisca here at the UKFA asking for help we passed it straight to the Guardians300. As soon as they heard of the 8 day plight of London mother Francisca and her two vulnerable children, imprisoned in a Manchester quarantine hotel, we provided an immediate response. Despite deliberate actions by the hotel security guards to prevent her and the children from leaving, including attempting to snatch them from one of our vehicles, Francisca and her children were successfully exfiltrated from the premises and remain at a safe location. Now they can start to recover from their traumatic experience, at the hands of Manchester police, the home office and Manchester Raddison Blu hotel staff. On Monday 28th June at 18:00, we released the full story, to give you the true account of what is really going on with these prisons, which are masquerading as quarantine hotels.