UK Freedom Alliance First Protest

The UK Freedom Alliance and other groups protesting against the coronavirus vaccine and lockdowns took to the streets of London, Bristol, Edinburgh and Brighton today as the Government continued to scale up its testing strategy.

Anti-lockdown protestors gathered at London’s Hyde Park, marched through Edinburgh city centre, brandished placards in Bristol and walked along the seafront in Brighton this afternoon.

It comes as an initial wave of 67 Tier 3 local authorities have received Government approval for testing schemes to help put them on a path towards relaxing local measures.

In London, a man dressed as Father Christmas led a large group of UK Freedom Alliance protestors from Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park through central London. The group were covered in the word ‘truth’ and claimed the pandemic was a hoax.

They questioned why scientists who agree with them are shut out of the media and demanded an end to lockdown restrictions.

The UK Freedom Alliance chanted ‘Brexit and Freedom’ before the start of a March through London. They held placards reading ‘defending your civil liberties’ at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park. The group thinks the coronavirus pandemic is a hoax brought on by the Government to control people.

David Curtain, a future candidate for London Mayor and Professor Delores Cahill attended the London Rally and addressed the crowd. Although the attendance was not as good as anticipated the crowd made themselves heard as they left Speakers Corner and made there way through London to Downing Street. Upon arrival at Downing the street the police again used the same tactics that we had seen at Trafalgar Square to break the protest up.

Protestors in Bristol marched through the city centre with a sign reading ‘the more we comply, the worst it will get’ as they asked others to stand up against mandatory lockdowns, masks, vaccines, job losses and business closure. Anti-lockdown protestors do not believe in the pandemic. Starting at the Scottish Parliament, a group known as Scotland Against Lockdown were asking crowds of shoppers to listen to real scientific evidence about the health of the general public during the pandemic.

Supporters of campaign groups Save Our Rights UK and the UK Freedom Alliance gathered at the Peace Statue by Hove Lawns in Brighton at 12pm this afternoon. A crowd of hundreds made its way west along the seafront before heading down Queen’s Road. As in London a man in a Father Christmas outfit used a megaphone to speak to the crowd.

He said: ‘We have woken up. We will no longer be complicit.’ As protestors walked along a busy shopping street they shouted ‘take off your mask’ at anyone they saw wearing a face covering.

Supporters carried signs that said ‘no more lockdowns’ and ‘all we want for Christmas is our freedom back’.