Well in the USA Biden briefly stopped sniffing hair to announce that from the 9th Sept 4 million federal workers & 17 million healthcare workers had just 75 days to get jabbed. Jabbed with experimental concoctions, for which absolutely no long term safety data exists, or face dismissal. If creepy Joe gets his way all businesses with over 100 employees will also be required to insist on vaccination or weekly testing for all.

In Nigeria the government has announced that from the second week in September unvaccinated people will no longer be able to attend churches or mosques, parties and receptions, or to access banks.

Pakistan has also gone pretty much the full hog announcing that unvaccinated people will no longer be able to obtain petrol or use motorways and public transport. From 30th Sept they will no longer be permitted on internal air travel or allowed to enter shopping malls and restaurants, or to attend weddings. I have said many times that national governments and politicians are just puppets with the same puppeteers pulling the strings in most nations. So we should pay particular attention to how people are treated in countries were the puppeteers deem that they are strong, because that is exactly how they intend to treat all of us if we are dumb enough to allow it. Lockdown in itself was partially an experiment to see if we would accept it and how far they could push us, as were the mask mandates and all the other measures which were never designed to make sense, simply to test and escalate compliance. Should we object they would back off a bit, ramp up the fear porn & try again later, ten steps forward one step back, which is what we have seen for 18 months.

Australia now seems to be a test case as to how far they can push all similar nations. By now most of you have probably seen the video of another globalist puppet and premier of Victoria Dan Andrews recent rant. Clearly psychotic Andrews declared that the unvaccinated would soon be locked out of society, before stating that they had made the wrong choice. Presumably he’s happy to lock them all out of paying taxes as well then ? As for wrong choice the rapidly growing numbers of severe adverse reactions would dispute that. He then went on to claim that this is rapidly becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. I’m not sure what manipulation of statistics that claim is based on, but i would imagine it is similar to here, were a person is not considered “vaccinated” until 14 days after their second dose.

In South Australia Premier Stephen Marshall has announced the trial of a quarantine app and has requested volunteers to participate.. The app uses geo location and facial recognition, and if pinged a person has just 15 minutes to confirm their location. Should they fail to do so the police will be dispatched. Effectively this app would give the government the ability to place an entire nation of innocent people on tag when ever it liked, as long as they fabricated some kind of emergency to justify it. Honestly anyone dumb enough to volunteer for this deserves everything that they get. They would probably volunteer to stand in front of a machine gun to test the bullets if requested to do so “for the greater good”. Add to all of this the reports of drones and helicopters flying around ordering people to stay home and it seems Australia, (or at least parts of it) is a very unpleasant place to be.

Scotland’s puppet Sturgeon has also announced the introduction of vaccine passports, with them soon to be required for unseated indoor events of more than 500 and outdoor events of more than 4000 people. All venues and gatherings of more than 10000 people will also require them, and if she gets her way obviously these mandates will soon creep. But all of this ignores the following great big elephant in the room .. Which is that our only large scale summer time breakout of respiratory infections in recent years has just happened to follow this huge vaccination rollout.

The UK has seen far more people actually fall ill than last summer, which in truth was nothing but a fraudulent PCR generated “casedemic”. Only in these corrupt and twisted times, full of media manipulation, propaganda and outright deceit, could a huge national vaccination campaign be immediately followed by an huge increase in levels of related illness and still be portrayed as a success. Especially when the increase in illness (in truth caused by the snake oil itself ) is officially attributed to a resurgence of the very virus it was supposed to prevent. When do we ever see people en-masse suffer from respiratory virus’s in the summer ? Prior to this rollout never, but still the solution is clearly more jabs. 🥴 MP Steve Baker recently tweeted that it had been confirmed by ministers that COVID (Never been isolated to the Gold standard) officially has a infection to fatality rate of just 0.096 %. Similar then to the the flu, just as the “conspiracy theorists” and the experts who are not on Gates payroll have said all along.

Which brings me once again to the questions that our corrupt politicians & MSM have constantly failed to ask all along.

Why was a mass vaccination campaign, ever considered necessary to begin with ?

Why were lockdowns, masks, track and trace and any of the other nonsense ever considered necessary to begin with?

Because as we have said all along it was never truly about a virus. That just the pretext given to justify sweeping changes on a near global scale. Here just a few days after Sajid Javid announced that vaccine passports had been scrapped because “we wouldn’t want to do things just for the sake of it” Boris announced that he would not rule them out after all as part of his “plan B”. A “Plan B” that also includes the return of mask mandates and home working in order to stave of more lockdowns. Except it isn’t a plan B at all, its a part of plan A and it always has been.

In a predictably tedious re run of this time last year Sage’s doom prophets are urging the government to act soon or risk 7000 hospitalisations a day ( based on yet more of their models & simulations), while a reluctant Boris goes through the motions of pretending to resist. The official plan A gives the real reason for the delay though, a renewed drive to get everybody vaccinated including 12 – 15 years olds, who are at far more risk from the shot than they ever were from COVID. The children will now be given the final say as to whether they have the jab or not. Oh! well thats OK then, its not like children of that age are influenced by peer pressure at all, or that they will be subject to any pro vaccine propaganda or pressure from the School. 🙄

Even by official stats children are at negligible risk from COVID, and the justification that it is to prevent disruption to their education is pitiful. COVID didn’t ever disrupt their education, deliberate government policy did. This vaccination drive will accompanied by a huge flu vaccine rollout, and a covid booster vaccination campaign that will begin next week. While big pharma maximises profits by attempting to jab every single person possible with every single concoction possible, we will also see the MSM fear campaign ramped up through the roof.

Much will be made of a struggling NHS, intentionally worsened once again by track and trace mandates, & by a mass exodus of care home workers due to vaccine mandates, in addition to ADE as a result of the snake oil shots. Little will be made of the lack of recruitment drive, mothballed Nightingale hospitals, the ex NHS workers who volunteered to return and never heard a thing once the initial hype had died down, or the billions wasted on test and trace & testing that could have been used to boost the NHS. The health service has been deliberately sabotaged because a struggling NHS is exactly what’s needed to allow Plan B to be “reluctantly” rolled out.

When plan B also “fails” it will be followed by an extensive winter lockdown that Downing street unsurprisingly has refused to rule out.

Now hold on, wasn’t the reason that the lifting of the last lockdown was delayed so long because they had to be absolutely sure that they had got it right, because that was to be the last lockdown ever no matter what ?

Remember that … anyone ?

Well now lockdowns are slowly creeping back onto the table, which has been the plan all along. A plan that’s unfolding rapidly on a global scale. Once again surprise, surprise Boris was lying. Talking of Boris lying does anyone still remember that fat bumbling blancmange promising in march 2020 that they “wouldn’t hold on to these powers for any longer than was absolutely necessary”, shortly before requesting them for two years ? Obviously a government that seeks emergency powers for two years intends to use them for two years, before no doubt seeking to extend them again, its beyond gullible to think otherwise.

Likewise they have no intention of finally bringing in vaccine passports to use them just once, the scope will creep and creep as will the numbers & types of vaccinations needed to keep them active. Last summer we were arguing with people who claimed that their wouldn’t be a second lockdown, last winter we were arguing with people who were claiming that a vaccine (then two) would be the end of it. Well its pretty clear now who was right, and as we head towards a return of restrictions and a booster rollout, all for a virus confirmed to be no worse than the seasonal flu, surely now, after 18 months of lies, shifting goal posts and broken promises these people must realise that they have been had!!!!

They need too and fast, because globally things are accelerating rapidly now, & once again this only ends when we make it. It ends when sufficient numbers of people say no, which means total & utter noncompliance when restrictions return.