World Freedom Alliance – We Will Not Be Silent

Ask The Experts – Episode 1

In late November a very important organisation came into being, it was a development of the World Doctors Alliance the members of which realised this was not about a medical pandemic but an attempt by the global elite to bring in the fourth industrial revolution by the underhand method of fraud.

The fraud of the global elite was to turn an every year event, the “Flu season” into a global pandemic. It was because of the need to fight this on a medical, political and legal level, that the World Freedom Alliance was born.

World freedom Alliance aims to create a network of networks bringing truth, freedom and best practice to the world.

We are facing big challenges against a powerful, organised ,prepared enemy so the best chance we have to get through and make possible  great changes for the good, is to unite. We are all human and it is easy to focus on the injustices and breaches of our rights that are right in front of us on the ground level. This is of course important but if we loose track of the horizon and get caught up in staring at the ground, caught up in personal issues, being overwhelmed by urgent matters etc. we will fall. 

If we all keep the vision clear of a world where our fundamental rights are upheld, where we put our small selves and opinions to the side, lift each other up and share knowledge, best practice, hope and focused aligned action, then we will succeed. 

The goal of World Freedom Alliance is to make sure that our fundamental rights and freedoms are upheld and respected as expressed in the charter: 

The draft for the charter is very much like ours at the UK Freedom Alliance:

World Charter of Freedom

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Assembly

Freedom of Thought

Freedom to bodily integrity

Freedom to practice your faith

The right of equal treatment under the law

As the World Freedom Alliance was born a video was brought out by Oracle Films entitled “Ask the Experts” (Above) was brought out to dispel the fear brought about the Pandemic, to say that there are more than adequate preventative treatments and treatments for Sars-2 and to clearly state that there was no need for a vaccine and definitely no need for a vaccine that uses the untried MRNA technology!!!

If you look at the video, you can see that the various Healthcare professionals appearing in the video are stating their true beliefs. They are not calling for insurrection or worse but are merely trying to warn people that this was a non-pandemic and nothing to be scared of, they are trying to tell people there are very safe medicines that would ensure that no one need die of this virus and they are warning against the use of a new technology that has never been passed for use before because it has never passed trials.

The brilliant thing is the public were awaiting this video and it went viral almost immediately although it was taken down by Facebook and You Tube within 3-4 days hundreds of thousands of people got to see it and it it was uploaded to many alternative social media sights meaning it was able to be shared around messenger.

People saw that the government narrative is not true and a video like this from doctors around the world could seriously derail the “scamdemic” narrative. This would and foil their depopulation event  derail the Globalist agenda and stop the “great reset” in its tracks. Once the majority of people in this country know the truth there will be nowhere to hide for the perpetrators of this hoax. So there was only one thing that they could do and that is to put the propaganda machine into full attack to keep this knowledge down by means of TV, Social Media, Newspapers, etc a full analysis this will be coming about the Media’s treachery in another article. The BBC as their part in this media attack produced a thirty minute hit piece ironically titled  Vaccines: The Disinformation War which you can see in the article Panorama – The disinformation War – Why the BBC is a spent force which will be the next article. This was a thirty minute propaganda film made to discredit the brave Doctors, Nurses and Scientists of the World Freedom Alliance in which every expert witness they brought onto the programme attacked the Ask the Experts video as being false, unscientific and dangerous. We go into great detail to explain how this programme was the very thing it claimed to be exposing with all there experts peddling dangerous disinformation to an unsuspecting public.

The Doctors, Nurses and Scientists of the World Freedom Alliance replied in the best way possible by releasing their rebuttal video less than a week later which explains how Panorama was the disinformation programme and not theirs. Al you really need to know to make a decision is that every Doctor, Nurse and scientist on the Ask the expert videos gave there services free of charge and at great risk to their professional reputations. All the experts on the Panorama programme are in some part funded by Bill gates or one of his globalist chums.

Ask the Experts – Episode 2